What to do in Essex?

12 mile Seal Watching trip from Harwich to Hamford Water.

Gloria April to October, an open deck timber vessel with on board toilet! (120 min, 41 passengers)

Seal Spotter, all year round and for private hire, with cabin and on board toilet! (90 min, 10 passengers)

Buy tickets online today, limited space! If you have any questions, call 01728666329

We have lots of enquiries about life jackets. All our boats are equipped with life jackets for everybody.
Please ask the crew if you wish to wear one. They are happy to hand them out.


Facebook review from Cliff:

I can highly recommend this, if you decide to go on this trip you are in for a treat. The skipper ensured we were all comfortable and was highly informative and made the trip a pleasure. He explained everything in detail.The trip to the mud flats were the seals are was really enjoyable and when we arrived , oh my what a delight seals everywhere.!!! He navigated the boat as near as he could so we all had a chance to take photographs and see these beautiful creatures...... Cant praise this trip enough


Trip advisor review from V0yager1:

Went out Monday morning, we were the only 2 people on the trip but it still ran - and what a trip! Our friendly hosts estimated 150 seals, that many as lots had come in possibly due to the stormy weather over the weekend. The seals were on the mud banks and in the water around us. Just so many seals! The boat stopped for quite a while so we could view the seals, we were provided with really clear binoculars and lots of information about them and the surrounding area. I thoroughly recommend this trip, great people running it and a great tour!


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