Seal watching trip

Online price:

Adults £20, any additional adult £19

Children from 1 year to 16 years £15, any additional children £14

for example: 2 Adults and 2 children is £68

On board price:

Adults £20

Children from 1 year to 16 years £15

Book Seal Spotter for a private party from 1 to 10 passengers for £166 (90 minutes)

Book Gloria for a private party from 1 to 34 passengers for £390 (120 minutes)

Please use our booking system to find out availability, a total price and to buy a ticket.

"SEAL SPOTTER" (10 seater) takes you in 1 hour 30 minutes to the seals and you see the port of Felixstowe, you experience a fast open water boat ride and a lovely calm cruise through an amazing nature reserve (Hamford water). The highlight is to see the seals!

"Gloria" (34 seater) takes you in 2 hours to the seals.

An extra layer is advisable.

Wild life protection

Wild life protection is one of our main concerns! When approaching the seals you might notice that the skipper stops in quite a distance to give the seals time to get used to our arrival. Once the Skipper can see that the colony is calm, he will go closer. At all times we keep a safe minimum distance but close enough to hear the seals breathing. We are very strict with keeping the noise level to a quiet minimum and do not allow waving, shouting, whistling, feeding or any other kind of disturbing. Ideally the seals can stay were they are while we explore there "home"

Seal guarantee

So far every single trip has seen lots of seals but if you don't see seals close up you get a voucher for a free trip!


You can count on us! If you book with us, you will see seals. We have a cabin, if the weather isn't perfect we will depart. We have a no excuse policy which ensures that you don't travel to Harwich to hear the boat doesn't depart. The seals love rain, wind, sun and clouds and we love it too.

If we have to cancel in the unlikely event of too much wind, we offer you another trip in safe conditions or your money back, whatever you prefer.